I've heard that there's so many restaurants in New York that you could eat at a different one every day and still not try every single one in a lifetime. Over the years, I've eaten at a few pretty nice places on my trips to New York and thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite places to eat in the big apple!


Citizens of Chelsea
There’s a Citizens Of in both Gramercy Park and Chelsea, but I have only visited their original cafe. Opened in 2016, Citizens of Chelsea wins a lot of points for it’s unassuming interior. They nail their nature x industrial vibe, and I adore the turquoise accents. It has a slight “Am I cool enough to eat here?” atmosphere when you first walk in (I swear everyone there was dressed impeccably!) but the waitstaff are a dream and it quickly transforms into a fresh, new place for you to eat some good grub and enjoy one of their excellent coffees. If you are a savoury brunch fan, try the Pulled Pork Benny or if you have a sweet tooth, give the Chocolate PB&J Waffle a go, the chocolate and peanut butter panna cotta is a fab alternative to chocolate sauce! Photo by @Citizens.Of on Instagram

Where to Eat in New York

Jacks Wife Freda
With locations in Soho, West Village and Chelsea, you know Jacks Wife Freda is going to be pretty cool before you even get there. Be prepared to wait for a table, especially at the weekends, this place is popular and rightly so! From their genuinely lovely staff, to their understated interiors, to the menu inspired by the owners’ Israeli and South African roots, Jacks Wife Freda is the perfect place to enjoy time with friends and a cantaloupe mimosa or two! Their Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato and Halloumi are delicious but the Madama Freda sandwich is my personal favourite!

Where to Eat in New York

Egg Shop
A restaurant with an egg based menu? Did I die and go to brunch heaven? Possibly! With their bright and airy interiors, this is the perfect brunch spot on a warm summer’s day. It is quite a little location and you may need to queue, but it is totally worth the wait. They are located in Soho but also have a newer establishment in Brooklyn. My personal recommendations would be the El Camino Cruiser or the Steak & Egg Sandwich, with a glass of fresh watermelon juice!

Where to Eat in New York

Located within the fashionable Parker New York (formerly Le Parker Meridien) hotel in Midtown, Norma’s is one of my favourite spots for a real treat breakfast. It’s the type of place I would pick for a birthday brunch or special occasion, and if you’re ever in New York at Christmas time, make sure to visit to see their gorgeous Christmas tree! We’ve always booked in advance for Norma’s, and it is always packed when we have been, but the staff are always so friendly and relaxed. My favourite is the Belgian Waffle with fresh berries and devonshire cream (ask for a side of chocolate sauce too!) but the Scrambled Egg & Bacon Quesadilla is also to die for!


Where to Eat in New York
Photo by @KatzDeli on Instagram
Katz Delicatessen
Home to that famous When Harry Met Sally scene, but also to the best pastrami sandwiches in the world, you can't miss lunch at Katz Deli when visiting New York. The deli is always busy and bustling with people, but the staff handle the chaos so well. If you find ordering at the counter a little daunting, you can request to be seated at a table and order with your server. The food here is genuinely iconic, it is so so delicious, I’m drooling just thinking about their pastrami! Try either a Katz Pastrami Hot Sandwich or Reuben Hot Sandwich, and get a couple of sides to share too; I love the potato latkes and macaroni salad!

Zucker's Bagels
I can't even imagine how many bagel shops there are in NYC, but my favourite, and arguably the spot for the best bagels in New York, is Zucker's! They have 4 locations across the city, and I’ve been to their Grand Central spot a couple of times. Frequented by both locals and tourists, you will have to wait at peak times, but that just proves how good they are! Try The Flatiron or The Delancey, or have fun creating your own, they have a crazy number of different spread options to choose from!

Where to Eat in New York
Photo by @ZuckersBagels on Instagram
Lexington Brass
If you’re after a sit down lunch, in a classy yet casual location, why not try Lexington Brass? Located in Midtown East, this is the perfect little spot to take a breather and catch up with friends. The restaurant has a really cool, relaxed atmosphere, and I love that they don’t overcrowd the restaurant by cramming in as many tables and patrons as they can. The service here is incredible and the staff are so lovely! I love their Coconut Kale Chicken Salad and a Revitalizer Juice, or their Fried Chicken & Waffles if I'm visiting on a weekend!

Where to Eat in New York

Mexican is my favourite cuisine, and I am so happy we discovered Tacombi's on our most recent trip. We visited their Bleecker Street location when we were out exploring Greenwich Village and oh my soul, I could happily eat here every day. The decor is bright and fun, and makes you feel like you are chilling at the beach with the sun shining and a Pina Colada, and not sheltering from New York’s cold wintry air! The service is a little slow, but the food makes up for it. Their rice and beans cannot be missed and make sure to order the Baja Crispy Fish, Acapulco Shrimp and Carnitas tacos. They do excellent cocktails too!


I still haven’t quite decided if I prefer the thin crust New York pizzas or Chicago’s deep dish pies, but I do know that Juliana’s is my favourite pizza that I’ve had in New York. Regularly topping lists for the best pizza in New York, Juliana’s is a little restaurant in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. It opens at 11:30 for lunch or 4pm for dinner, but get there super early or be prepared to wait ages for a table; when we arrived at 3:30, there were a few people already queueing but by the time the doors opened at 4, the queue was around the block! It is totally worth it though, as their pizzas are to die for! In my opinion, you can’t beat a classic margherita with added roast peppers and garlic.

Don Antonio's
Whilst it can be a little crowded and pretty noisy, Don Antonio’s is the perfect spot for a pre-Broadway meal. The service is super quick, the cocktails are excellent and their pizzas are really good! They have a pretty big menu so it can be hard to choose, but I really like their prosciutto and arugula (rocket for UK readers!) pizza bianca!

Where to Eat in New York
Photo by @JulianasPizza on Instagram

Located in the charming, fashionable neighborhood of Nolita, Rubirosa is a must-stop for any pizza lover visiting New York! It is a little restaurant so I’d suggest popping there for lunch rather than dinner to avoid waiting! Try a Rubirose Supreme or their Tie Dye pizza; yes it has vodka in the sauce, but it just works (don’t ask me how!). One little tip: order one pizza between 2 or 3 of you! They are huge!

John’s of Times Square
I’ve visited John’s Pizzeria several times on trips to New York, and I’ve always loved my time there! It is in an old converted church and has the most beautiful stained glass ceiling, which gives the restaurant great character. This is the perfect lunch or dinner spot if you are sightseeing around Midtown and Times Square. Aside from their pies, I also really enjoy their Linguine alle Calamari and their Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, but I’d quite happily always go for their traditional pizza, with hot cherry peppers as an extra topping!

Where is your favourite place to eat in New York? Let me know in the comments! 

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This post is in collaboration with Walkers Crisps. My favourite is cheese & onion, what's yours?! 

Driving down to Cornwall last month, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the place that feels more like home than my real hometown does. As we crossed the border, I got that warm fuzzy feeling inside, thinking about home some of the best memories I have from my childhood are being by the sea, eating Cornish pasties and tucking in to an ice cream. But then there was that little twinge of sadness when I thought about how much has changed since those summer holidays to the coast and how life has become so much more complicated.

I said at the start of the year that I wanted to live a more simple life, and having that week away was just what I needed to re-align my goals and appreciate the little things that much more. This got me thinking about my childhood and some of the little things that pre-double digits Naomi enjoyed, and I thought it would be fun to share a few of these things that shaped my 90s childhood and how I am reliving them in my mid 20s!

My favourite place growing up

How the Argos catalogue influenced my Pinterest obsession...

Who doesn't remember leafing through the Argos catalogue before a birthday or Christmas, and putting crosses next to everything you wanted?! This fun yet simple activity of building a wishlist seems to have seeped in to my adult life in the form of my Pinterest where I am forever pinning everything I want from trips I want to take to recipes I want to try to skincare products I want to buy!

How Blind Date influenced my love for dating shows...

Watching Blind Date on a Saturday night, not quite understanding the innuendos and trying to guess who of the 3 the contestant would pick, very likely started my love of watching new relationships unfold on TV. From Love Island to First Dates, I get way too emotionally invested in these TV couples!

How buying roll-on face glitter influenced my love of make-up...

Saving my pocket money each week so I could spend it on roll-on face glitter, a questionable eyeshadow quad and some cupcake scented lip gloss was the start of a lifelong love of make-up.  I guess it was almost inevitable that I was going to become a beauty blogger and spend my time waiting for payday so I can treat myself to a new product from Cult Beauty!

How pretending to be a popstar influenced my Spotify most listened to...

If you didn't spend your time on the playground learning the lyrics to Spice Up Your Life and making up a dance routine with your friends, did you even go to school in the 90s? Whilst me and my friends don't meet up after work to choreograph a dance to the latest hits, I still know all the words to my favourite 90s and 00s hits and you better believe I will sing them at the top of my lungs whenever I get the chance! Spice Girls superfan? You bet! Watch their new ad with Walkers below and feel that 90s nostalgia!

How writing stories influenced my career choice...

I spent hours and hours writing stories about horses and princesses and how they escaped the evil witch by hiding inside their castle. I guess I always loved writing, but little Naomi had her heart set on being a professional show jumper or a famous actress, and didn't realise that writing, in the form of blog posts, was going to be her true calling.

How my childhood imagination influenced my love of films...

I can't remember a time when I didn't love films, getting lost in a different world full of possibilities. When I was little, I loved the Land Before Time, The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Homeward Bound. My favourites list has quite a few more on now, but I could quite happily watch all of these again. These days, going to the cinema is one of my absolute favourite pastimes; I still love to get lost in a new world for a couple of hours...

How 90s birthday parties influenced my love for socialising with food...

Whilst it tends to be countless G&Ts and a charcuterie board these days, I still have a soft spot in my heart for those 90s birthday teas that my cousins and myself tucked in to. Cocktail sausages on sticks, mini pizzas, cheese and pineapple, bowls of Walkers crisps, cheese sandwiches, and of course, birthday cake, jelly and ice-cream, who didn't love a 90s birthday tea?!

How my Tuesday trip to the corner shop influenced my self care habits...

I still remember walking to the corner shop with my Dad to buy some pick'n'mix, a Taz (like a caramel Freddo for anyone who doesn't remember!) and a copy of Mizz magazine on a Tuesday. I maybe spent about £2.50 but it was the best £2.50 I could have spent at that age. Nowadays, I practice the same self care by popping to Waitrose to pick up my favourite chip and dip and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and settling down to read through the new issue of my Blogosphere subscription!

What takes you back to your childhood? Is there anything you love doing now that was influenced by growing up in the 90s or early 00s? 

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Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

I recently visited The Ivy in Marlow, Buckinghamshire for a champagne afternoon tea and I thought I would share my thoughts for any of you who are thinking about going!


I've visited The Ivy before for breakfast and it is a beautiful restaurant, reminding me a little of Toronto's interior goals Drake One Fifty with it's jewel tones, mix of patterns and leather bar stools. I do wish it had more natural light as the front half of the restaurant feels so dark even on a sunny day, however due to the positioning of it I can understand why they don't have too much natural light to play with. The Ivy Marlow Garden would make the perfect setting for a special occasion meal or cocktails!

Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

The one thing I thought was a little strange was that we were sat at a corner sofa seat, but with a round table, making it difficult to sit comfortably as you want to be close to the table, but you don't have a chair to pull underneath. Even if you pulled the table closer to you, you would still have to sit at an uncomfortable angle to be able to talk with your companions. It wasn't the best arrangement for socialising and you feel quite exposed all sat on one half of the table looking out at the rest of the restaurant! If I were to visit again, I would definitely request to sit elsewhere.


Visiting on a Sunday in May, the restaurant was of course pretty busy (Marlow tends to be heaving on the weekend, especially if the weather is lovely!). We were greeted by one of the girls front of house, who showed us to our table. We had booked in advance, but even so I was worried we might have to wait a little while but we were seated and our waitress popped over to take our drinks order in just a few minutes.

As we were having the afternoon tea, we didn't have to wait long at all for the plates to arrive. Our waitress checked on us throughout the tea to see if we needed anything extra, and was quick to supply more tea and jam for our scones when we asked!

Daisy Jewellery x Estée Lalonde

Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

Food & Drink

Mum and I chose to have a glass of champagne with our afternoon tea. I can't for the life of me remember the name (sorry!) but it was really nice; I rarely enjoy champagne but thought I would give it a go and it did not disappoint! We also had the Earl Grey and The Ivy blend teas.

Now on to the part we really care about - the food! The savouries consisted of a truffled chicken brioche roll, a marinated cucumber and dill finger sandwich, and smoked salmon on dark rye style bread with cream cheese and chives.

Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd

The truffled chicken was the standout winner of the savouries in my book; the chicken paired with the sweetness of the brioche was divine and I could quite happily have just had more of these over the other two. I enjoyed the cucumber and dill sandwich, but it did feel like it was lacking in flavour a little. It perhaps needed more dill, as I wasn't getting that usual distinctive taste very much at all.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of smoked salmon we received; the rye bread was just a small piece, but there was a thick piece of salmon on top. I am a big fan of smoked salmon and cream cheese, and this made a nice change to a finger sandwich.

Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

The sweet was warm fruit scones, served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, a mini raspberry cheesecake, a crème brûlée doughnut and an adorably presented chocolate and salted caramel mousse that was served in a mini teacup, topped with flowers!

I've never had a doughnut at afternoon tea before, but these little glazed treats were divine! They were definitely the winner of the sweet, I wish I could have had a dozen to-go! I loved the little bitesize cheesecake; the sharpness of the raspberries on top was the perfect accompaniment to the sweetness of the biscuit base. I am a huge salted caramel fan, and the chocolate mousse was delightful. The botanical theme was so cute (even if I did manage to spill a load of the "soil" on the tablecloth, classy and composed as always!) and I love that the cups had The Ivy branding on. I decided to finish with a fruit scone, topped with jam and then clotted cream; they were beautifully fresh and not too heavy.

Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

When the plates first came out, my first thought was "doesn't look like much!" but by the time I had devoured the savoury, inhaled the sweet and finished my first of two scones (with jam and cream of course), I was so full! I've been to other afternoon teas where there has been so much rich food, and so many different flavours to try, that we've ended up leaving so much (and I hate waste!)

Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea

When we booked our table and took a look at the prices, I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap it was, compared to other afternoon teas. You can have The Ivy Marlow Garden Afternoon Tea for £18.95, or their Champagne Afternoon Tea for £26.50. I think this is such excellent value for the amount of food and the beautiful setting. If you are ever visiting the area, it would make a lovely treat for a birthday gift!

Have you been for afternoon tea? Where is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 

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When you're in the Big Apple, you want to get those Instagram perfect shots of the city that never sleeps, right? I thought I'd compile a little list of some of my favourite places in New York to capture the city and it's sights.

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Best Instagram Spots in New York