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A Weekend in the City - Prague

Earlier in April, myself and a friend visited Prague for a few days. Neither of us really knew anything about the city, other than it had a beautiful bridge and very cheap beer...
Charles Bridge, Prague

Where We Stayed...
Our hotel was a small boutique hotel, just below Prague Castle; Design Hotel Neruda.  It has 42 rooms, free wi-fi and a buffet breakfast included.  I cannot fault the staff at this hotel, they were so welcoming and helpful.
Hotel Neruda, Prague
The location of the hotel was perfect; Prague Castle was a very short walk away and Charles Bridge was only about a 10-15 minute walk depending on how lazy we were feeling. The only downside was that it was on a hill.  Fine for in the day but not ideal when you have to do the walk home at night, however I do feel like my bum is definitely more toned than before so I can’t really complain.
The hotel room itself was quite different to other hotels I've stayed in; there was no bathroom. The shower was in the room, so all that was blocking you from the entire room was the curtain. Whilst this was okay for us as I've known Gem for years and years, if you are not quite confident with being potentially nude in front of your travel companion, maybe ask for a bathroom with a door.  The mix of modern furnishings and original wooden beams gave the hotel character, something that a lot of hotels I’ve stayed in have failed to do. I hate the clinical feel of some hotel rooms, and it was nice to stay somewhere with a strong design element.
Prague, Czech Republic
I judge every hotel on their scrambled eggs, and I must say, whilst I wouldn’t quite give these a 10/10, they were pretty good!
A lotta love for good hotel mirrors and the Nicole x ABH highlight palette 
What We Did...
One morning we woke up at 5:30am to see the sun rise on Charles Bridge.  The early start was definitely worth it, not only for the gorgeous views, but also for the lack of a crowd.  There was hardly anyone on the bridge at that time, and it was perfect.  After we had been to the bridge and taken a billion photographs, we went to look for the John Lennon Wall. I imagine (no pun intended) in previous times, it has been quite a moving experience for Lennon fans, but we did have to have a little chuckle at the “Send Nudes!” written in massive font over lyrics and inspirational quotes.  I’m all for the human body, but maybe not on a memorial wall...
View from Charles Bridge at Sunrise, Prague
Charles Bridge at Sunrise, Prague
View from Charles Bridge to Prague Castle at Sunrise
For an amazing view of the bridges along the Vltava River, as recommended by our food tour guide, we headed to the Hanavský Pavilion.  It was a gorgeous day and quite peaceful. We then walked over to Prague Castle to explore the castle compound including St Vitus Cathedral.  I loved the architecture of Prague and I can see why Pražský Hrad is often featured on Top Things to do in Prague lists.
View of Vltava River from Hanavský Pavilion, Prague
Prague Castle
Prague Castle
Prague, Czech Republic
Between our hotel and Prague Castle was a Starbucks with a roof terrace, where you can get an amazing view of the red roofs of Malá Strana and St Nicholas Church. Any Instagram fans out there should definitely check it out and grab an Iced Chai Tea Latte (best drink ever) at the same time.
Prague's Red Roofs
After stumbling in to Wallenstein Garden, a beautiful gardens featuring the Baroque architecture of Wallenstein Palace, an impressive ceiling and a couple of peacocks, we had a morning in the Jewish Quarter, spending time in the Jewish Museum and in a couple of the Synagogues.  I hadn’t thought about the history in Prague, but it was an interesting experience.
Wallenstein Garden, Prague
Wallenstein Garden
Gem is a big Warhol fan, and whilst we were snapping photos of the architecture and Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square, she spotted the Gallery of Art.  The gallery had 3 floors, one for the work of Salvador Dali, one for Alphonse/Alfons Mucha and one for Andy Warhol.  We had no idea it was there, but we had the best time.  I would definitely recommend a visit especially on a rainy day. 
Old Town Square, Prague
Old Town Square, Prague
Prague astronomical clock
Gallery of Art, Prague
Gallery of Art, Prague
Gallery of Art, Prague
We read about David Cerny’s Babies sculpture, so decided to go to Kampa Park and look for them.  They were a little bizarre, and I am still not 100% sure on what I make of them and what they represent. I did find it slightly odd that tourists were climbing on them, they are sculptures of infants after all despite the barcode faces.  I think it would be pretty cool to do one of the Sculpture Tours in Prague, so if anyone has done one, do let me know your thoughts!
David Cerny’s Babies, Prague

What We Ate...
My food highlight of this trip was the ridiculous amount of roast duck that we ate.  Our first meal was roast duck with potato pancakes, dumplings, and white cabbage.  I of course tried the local beer and I have to say, it was pretty good.  What was most impressive was how it was the cheapest thing on the menu.  This is a traditional meal and I can see why as it was delightful.  I think we had duck, minus the beer, on 2 or 3 more occasions during the trip. 
Roast Duck, Prague
Czech beer in Prague
We booked ourselves on to a food tour (http://www.praguefoodtour.com/) for one of the evenings. I had done a couple before, in Chicago and in Italy, so was quite looking forward to it.  My favourite stop was Lokál, a beer hall, where I had beer mixed with frozen raspberries, and “beer snacks” that included fried cheese and steak tartare.  We also tucked in to beef goulash, open sandwiches and pastries, as well as trying some very strong cocktails.

Whilst wandering through Old Town Square, we saw some delicious-looking donut-shaped pastries, covered in sprinkles and chocolate and marshmallows.  We decided to get one each...worst food decision ever.  They were revolting. If you see one of these at a street market, avoid at all costs. 
Joined on to our hotel was the Prague Chocolate Bistro, where we tried one of their signature hot chocolates.  It was super rich and thick, but quite delicious.
Prague Chocolate Bistro

There's still so much I want to see and do in Prague and I hope to visit again soon!

I'd love to have a read of your recent travel posts so drop me a quick comment below with your links!

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  1. Such a handy guide - I've made some notes for my visit next week, yay! xx

    1. Thanks Hannah! Have a fab time, I bet it is lovely in Winter! xo

  2. Prague looks beautiful! Great post and pictures.

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