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Save or Splurge | NYX vs Nars

NYX vs Nars

Over the past few weeks, I've seen quite a few claims that the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer is a dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.  As someone who is trying to save money when it comes to make-up and as a fan of the NARS concealer, I was a little intrigued and since NYX have recently opened a counter in my local Boots, I thought I would test out this theory...


I am an absolute sucker for NARS packaging, I love the square tubes, the matte black and the simple font.  Their packaging is very simple but still has that chic vibe that draws you in and makes you want to part with your hard-earned cash, a possible reason why their Covent Garden boutique is always rammed with people!  I can't say I feel the same about the NYX packaging. Whilst it is durable and does the job it is intended for, it is not easily recognisable like the NARS concealer, and, although this doesn't affect the product itself, I really dislike all the writing on it (but that's just me being fussy!)
Winner: NARS


For £23.00, you have 6ml of the NARS concealer, which is undeniably quite expensive when you consider that the NYX will cost you just £6.00 for 3ml.  Yes, the NYX concealer is half the size, but even if you bought two of them, you are still paying only £12.00, just over half of what you've spent on the NARS concealer. 
Winner: NYX

Shade Range

Whilst my local Boots did not have very many shades to choose from, maybe 5 or 6, the NYX concealer does come in quite a wide range of shades to suit many different skintones, especially compared to other drugstore items (hello Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer, I am looking at you right now).  The NARS concealer is also available in a number of shades and undertones so I am sure you will not struggle too much finding one that is suitable! 
Winner: It's a tie!

NYX vs Nars


Both concealers come with a doe foot applicator, which is excellent.  If either had a brush or sponge applicator, I wouldn't even have considered them for this round.  I noticed little difference between the application of the two; I only had to use one dip of each and both easily glided on to my under eye. 
Winner: It's a tie!


I decided to test the concealers on my under eyes, and for both I used my damp beauty blender to blend.  I did feel as though I had to put in a little more effort with the NYX concealer, and had to use a slightly firmer hand to make sure the product was blended to my satisfaction.  
Winner: NARS


I used my beloved Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder to set both concealers.  One of my all-time favourite combos is the NARS concealer with the Laura Mercier powder, so I think in my heart I already knew who was going to win.  But, don't get me wrong, the NYX concealer did come very close! I only found there to be a little creasing in the inner corner.
Winner: NARS

NYX vs Nars


One part of my make-up that I want to last all day is my concealer, especially my under eye concealer. I do sometimes use a colour corrector base, but I wanted to test both of these without. Despite there being no creasing with the NARS concealer, I did find my dark circles peeking through as the day went on, and to my surprise, I didn't notice this with the NYX concealer at all.  When applying these concealers to disguise any patches of redness, the NARS lasted much longer, however as I focus my concealer on my under eye, I really liked the NYX concealer for longevity. 
Winner: NYX

The Final Verdict!

As I have mentioned previously, NARS is one of my favourite beauty brands, and I absolutely love their Radiant Creamy Concealer, it has been one of my makeup bag staples for years. However, I can admit that it is not exactly great value for money! The NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and it is a lot better than I thought it was going to be for the price.  My heart will always lie with NARS but I do think that the NYX concealer is an excellent dupe for the NARS concealer and if you are looking for that cheaper alternative, I would 10/10 recommend you give the NYX a go! Would I ever stop buying the NARS and convert to NYX completely? Probably not! But maybe I will start using the NYX for every day and the NARS for special occasions...

Save: You can purchase the NYX concealer here
Splurge: You can purchase the NARS concealer here!

Have you tried either of these concealers? What did you think? 

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  1. Oh wow that's awesome that you found a dupe for the Nars concealer, that's my fav concealer of all time! Definitely wish it was cheaper though so that's awesome that you found a dupe :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. You should definitely try the NYX! Thanks for reading xo

  2. Nars and Nyx are two of my favourite brands! So its amazing you found a dupe for one of 'em! Great post Darling, keep at it! xx

  3. There is no denial that even when Dupes are acceptable más doing their job, the high end quality cannot be duplicated. I recently started using TF Born this Way and girl, it totally justifies the price tag. So as you said, I will keep purchasing the high quality product every time.

    Thanks for sharing!