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Styling A Gallery Wall | My Sanctuary Series

Styling a gallery wall

After clearing my furniture out of the room, removing the patterned wallpaper and painting the walls a cool-toned off-white, my bedroom started to look a little like I was moving out.  I'd had some 80s film posters, quotes and postcards blu-tacked to the walls, an old US car number plate and a giant Route 66 tin sign, but the time had come to say goodbye to the "wall clutter" and start fresh.

Why the redecorating? After making the choice to stay put in my childhood home and save for a house deposit, I've decided to have a little overhaul of my space at home!  I want my room to be a sanctuary for me to escape to at the end of a long day; a place for me to enjoy my own company, a book and a cup of tea; a space for me to write and edit to my hearts content.  As I slowly transform my room in to my perfect space, I thought I would share this journey with you, starting with how I have chosen to style my gallery wall...

Scrolling through Pinterest, I fell in love with the idea of having a gallery wall, full of gorgeous prints and photographs.  As we painted that cool white on to the walls, I had the idea in my head but when it actually came to ordering the prints, I struggled with what I wanted.  I'd seen the same combinations used across Pinterest and Instagram, and whilst I wanted the prints to compliment each other, I didn't want to feel like I was conforming to a trend.  So I started to think: Who am I? What do I love? 

Styling a gallery wall

It is no secret that I love pink, and despite my original attempts to have a neutral colour scheme, pink is very much a part of my aesthetic.  So of course, I had to incorporate it in to my gallery wall in some way.  Finding prints that complimented each other as well as the room was more difficult than I thought.  I looked at map prints but found them to be too busy; quotes in a cursive font that required too much concentration; landscapes with colours that were just a little too strong.  I very quickly realised I wanted only a little colour, a fair amount of negative space, and no more than 4 prints.

Minimalism seemed to be the way forward and after a couple of weeks, I'd settled on these 4.  I love the brush stroke print as the colours are not too strong, yet if I wanted to incorporate some dark grey tones or a deep red in to my other decor, they would tie in with this.  Peonies are my favourite flower, and I love enhancing a room with flowers, so of course it made sense to have a floral print.  My favourite of the 4 is the "Be Kind" print; I love the simple font and the simple block of colour.  Finally we have the phases of the moon print which I chose for it's perfect balance between detail and simplicity.  (All prints were purchased from Desenio and all frames are from House by John Lewis) 

Styling a gallery wall

As much as I loved the prints, the wall still didn't quite feel like me, I wanted to add even more of a personal touch... which brings me on to the photographs.  I take a lot of photos (there are currently 30,000 on my iPhone) and I am forever posting my travel pictures on Instagram.  By chance, I was contacted by a brand called Printiki who offer photo printing at fab prices, starting at £5.50 for 20 photos.  I chose to print a few of my photos with view to adding them to my gallery wall.  Most of the prints are from my travels, and having them on my wall is a little reminder of good memories and beautiful places. I also printed a few pictures of my friends and I, and my family.  Printiki offer a range of products, including photo books and magnets (the perfect stocking fillers for Christmas!) You can import the photos directly from your computer, or from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and more.  Printiki have kindly offered my readers free shipping using the code 9F4CPQ7D hereIf you need some photo inspiration, check out Printiki on Instagram 

My last two additions to the gallery wall were this adorable Winnie the Pooh postcard that I bought at the recent V&A exhibition, and this country music print which I purchased from one of the stalls at C2C last March.  I am a huge country music fan and this watercolour print was the perfect final piece to finish off my gallery wall.

Styling a gallery wall

This process has taught me a lot about myself; that I'm not as impulsive as I thought, that finding my style is an ongoing process, and that I'm not as scared of change as I believed myself to be.  My top tip when styling a gallery wall would be to spend time thinking about what you want the wall to say and not rush to buy the first print you see; whether you want it to be themed (girl power, nature, fashion, cities...), reflective of your life, emotive, making sure that the wall not only fits the aesthetic you are hoping for but that you also stay true to your passions and interests is so important.  We so often get caught up in what is on trend that we start to struggle with our own sense of style, but when it comes to building your sanctuary, really focus on what brings you contentment and make the Pinterest-worthy aesthetics a second priority. I like to think I did well to achieve a gallery wall that reflects me but also fits my decor of white, pink, gold and grey. 

I am excited to continue this journey of transforming my space in to my sanctuary, and my next post in the My Sanctuary series will be published soon! 

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Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Printiki but, as always, all views are my own xN


  1. Wow! It turned out really amazing! I also plan on doing this when my room is done.

    Janja | seekingwonderful.wordpress.com

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love gallery walls, need to change up some pictures in mine, thank you for reminding me haha!

  3. The layout of this gallery wall is amazing! I want to do this sort of thing in my bedroom but I have zero creative skills when it comes to stuf like this! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk


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