A Weekend in Toronto - Photo Diary

View from Toronto Islands, Toronto Skyline

Booking flights for Toronto during the Polar Vortex may not have been my smartest move, but I had a really good time in the -20 degrees weather, and wanted to share a few of my photos here with you! This is a little different to my usual in-depth destination posts, but I hope it still gives you some travel inspiration. 

We explored the University of Toronto campus in the snow, it felt like we were walking through Hogwarts at Christmas...

Toronto University Campus
Toronto University Campus

We ate some really delicious food in Toronto, including their famous poutine! I have written a more in-depth post on the best brunch spots in Toronto, which you can read here! Toronto is full of cool coffee stops, more bars than you can shake a stick at, vintage shops, gorgeous boutiques and some of the best restaurants I've been to.  I didn't take any photos of the shop, but Canada has a store called Indigo which I completely fell in love with.  It is a bookstore, but also has homewares, gifts, self-care and wellness. 

Drake One Fifty, Toronto
Poutini's House of Poutine, Toronto
Poutine, Toronto

Poutine; a Canadian classic of French fries with cheese curds and gravy.  I had mine topped with smoked meats. One of my new favourite fast foods. 

Toronto, ON
Vintage Shopping in Toronto

I loved the Distillery District with its cobblestone streets and old buildings; we popped in to Mill St Brewery for a few.  There's something so simple yet so great about beer and a bowl of chips or some fried chicken. 

Distillery District, Toronto

Distillery District, Toronto
Mill St Brew, Distillery District, Toronto

Escaping the cold temperatures in the Allan Gardens Park & Conservatory, full of beautiful flowers, cacti and even turtles! 

Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory
Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory

Travel Tip: use a Presto card to get around Toronto; they are accepted on (I believe!) all of the public transit systems in Toronto, so you never have to worry about having change for the bus or cash for the train!

I loved the contrast in architecture styles throughout the city...

CN Tower at sunset
Intrepid Travel
The Path, Toronto

Gooderham Building, Toronto

Can't go to Canada and not have a Tim Horton's! 

Tim Hortons Coffee

The contrast of low- and high-rise buildings in Toronto is so cool, especially when viewing the city from high up (taken at the CN Tower) 

View from CN Tower, Toronto
View from CN Tower, Toronto
Astrid & Miyu

I could quite happily live down one of these little streets, how sweet are they... 
Travel Tip: check out a couple of weather apps before travelling; I am so glad I checked out the predicted temperatures beforehand to make sure I was packing the appropriate amount of layers (in this case, ALL of them!) 


Some of the most incredible art down Graffiti Alley, I can only dream of having that level of talent! 

Graffiti Alley, Toronto
Graffiti Alley, Toronto

Take a boat out to Toronto Islands for a gorgeous view of the city. This beautiful view of the skyline with the icy water in the foreground will be hard to beat! 

A Weekend in Toronto
Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd
Boat to Toronto Islands

Thank you to my hosts Abi and Hamilton for being my tour guides, excellent as always x

Toronto sign at night

Is Toronto on your destination list? You can see more of my travel photos over at instagram.com/ohsixeleven 

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  1. Love your photos. They look really amazing. I would love to visit Toronto again and epxlore all the hidden corners.

    Janja | seekingwonderful.wordpress.com

  2. Ahh what beautiful photos! I really want to visit Toronto, and it looks so cute with the snow!

    K x | http://ginandbiscuits.co.uk

  3. Oh wow! Your photos are absolutely stunning...makes me want to be there so much. Although I think I would prefer it to be a bit warmer than -20! 🥶
    My friend is moving to Toronto very soon, so I now know where to visit if I get the chance to visit her!
    Thanks for sharing a lovely post with beautiful photos! I love when a post has lots of great photos 😊

    Aimsy xoxo

  4. Your photos are amazing! Toronto looks like such an incredible city x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  5. these photos a incredible! i’d actually like to save one and use it as my phone background if you don’t mind! lol Toronto looks like such a beautiful city with so much exploring to be done! i’ll have to put it on my travel list x

    mich / simplymich.com

  6. You are a brave obe for going to Toronto in the winter:) I love it there but always went during spring or summer time (and even then it rained in the afternoon) You took beautiful pictures! I have yet to try Poutine - don't know how i missed it...

  7. Canada has been one of my dream destinations even as a kid. Would love me some Tim Hortons and God! the uni does look like Hogwarts!

  8. Although I didn't go when it was snowing (which adds such a magical element to everything!) I really loved visiting the University of Toronto campus as well. I loved Toronto in general, it was one of my favourite places!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  9. I love your photos so much. They don't look like it was that cold. :) I would probably be freezing but it looks so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Janja | seekingwonderful.wordpress.com