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Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle in 2019

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Latest Deals but all writing and views are my own. 

This photo was taken in September 2015, when I was running around Italy with my best friend; indulging in Italian culture (and glasses of Sangiovese!), trying all the flavours of gelato and getting that perfect sunset shot.  It was one of my favourite trips ever.  But it's also the last time I remember being happy with my body...

Over the last few years, I've struggled with how my body has changed.  My hips have widened since I started working a desk job, my legs are not as toned, and I have lumps and bumps in places I didn't know were possible.  I went from exercising regularly and eating a good diet to my exercise being the walk up the stairs to bed at the end of each long day and my Deliveroo app being my most used.

Without realising, I ended up stuck in a cycle of wanting to change something to make myself feel healthier but never having the motivation to do anything different, just pinning healthy recipes on my Pinterest and looking at the #beforeandafter hashtag on Instagram.  At the end of last year, feeling tired and lethargic, something finally clicked... If I wanted my life to change, my health to improve, it wasn't social media or someone else's opinion I needed, it was up to me to do something about it. 


I think it goes without saying that the hardest part of adopting a healthier lifestyle is changing your mindset.  We become comfortable with routine, we develop habits that are hard to break, we are often scared of change.

One of my biggest hesitations and fears with changing my lifestyle, was the opinions of others.  We sadly live in an age where nearly everything we do is judged in some respect, including wanting to be healthier.  People assume we are doing it to lose weight because "society" tells us we have to be slim to be successful, doing it for the benefit of a partner or to attract the guy we have a crush on.  I won't lie, I've looked at Instagram in the past and thought "I want to lose weight to look like her" or "I wonder if Mr Blue Eyes would like me more if I lost a few lbs", but would I ever succeed in becoming healthier with this mindset? No.

In my New Year post, I talked about how I wanted to learn to love myself again.  The keywords being I and myself, nobody else.  I've come to realise what I want and to get there, I have to do this for me, and not for anyone else's benefit.  Having that epiphany (possibly a slightly dramatic word but hey, we're rolling with it) was just what I needed.  I slowly started to break old habits and learn new ones that would make me feel better, more energised, and I stopped caring about how others felt toward my new healthier lifestyle, from me saying no to social events to cutting down on alcohol to not having carbs with every meal.


One thing that I knew I would benefit from greatly was re-introducing an exercise routine in to my life.  I wasn't to be strict with it, and if I missed a session or two, it wasn't the end of the world, but I knew the endorphins from my fitness routine would help me on my road to a healthier year. 

As much as you can exercise in an old t-shirt and a pair of leggings, I do find having decent workout gear motivates me just a little more.  I've always sworn by Adidas' running shoes, and couldn't recommend them enough.  If you are after a decent pair that will last, but don't want to break the bank, check out Latest Deals for some amazing discounts on Adidas trainers and fitness gear.  I think there is often this idea that your workout gear has to be expensive and top of the range or there is no point, but don't use not being able to afford the top model as an excuse to not live your best healthy life, you can find some really good offers on Latest Deals. 

Whilst I am yet to sign up to a gym membership (that level of commitment is too much for me!), I have downloaded a few fitness apps to help with my new lifestyle.  My favourite so far has been Daily Workouts where you can customise the routine to fit what you are comfortable with.  I've found that choosing the exercises and the length of time has helped with my relationship toward exercise, as I feel great when I do the 50 squats I've set for myself, but don't feel like a failure when I can't get to 100 like some of the other apps want me to!  


I hate using the word "diet" as it can have such negative connotations, but for this blog post, I am just referring to what I put inside my body, and not a Slimming World idea or cabbage soup-only meal plan! 

I've never been one for counting calories or checking the nutritional details on my food; if I liked the sound of it and it was a meal time, I'd eat it. Last year however, I was starting to find that whilst I was greatly enjoying my food, I wasn't feeling good after eating it.  I felt bloated and sluggish, no longer energised as I used to back in my healthier years.  I started to look more in to what I was eating, and when I felt particularly lethargic; from this I realised bread and I don't mix well together, that too much dairy gives me a tummy ache, that my body does not process red meat as well as it digests fish or chicken, and that I should limit myself to one beer if I fancy a drink or switch it for a healthier G&T! 

As part of my healthier mindset and building a more positive relationship with food, I never want to restrict my diet.  I am more aware now of what I am eating; I make a fruit and veggie smoothie most mornings, I limit the amount of bread and pasta I eat, and I've switched cows milk for almond milk, but I am not cutting out food groups as such.  If I want a packet of Cadbury Mini Eggs after a stressful day in the office, I'm going to pop to Tesco and buy some! I'm learning all about moderation and how to ensure I am getting the nutrients I need to live a happy, healthy life, in 2019 and beyond. 

Learning to love yourself and your body is a process, it is never going to be an overnight success and the road won't always be a smooth one, but if you just make a few small changes to your lifestyle each week, you will eventually start to see the benefits. 

Have you tried to change your lifestyle recently? How did it go? Let me know any tips in the comments!

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  1. Great work girl, you're making the right changes and introducing them in a healthy way that will last for the long-term. You've got to learn to love for you and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Thanks for sharing, I think I'm on a similar journey myself and it takes time, but we'll get there. Have you ever done yoga? x