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The 10 Best Instagram Spots in New York City

When you're in the Big Apple, you want to get those Instagram perfect shots of the city that never sleeps, right? I thought I'd compile a little list of some of my favourite places in New York to capture the city and it's sights.

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Brooklyn Bridge 

Take a sunset walk along Brooklyn Bridge and you will be able to snap some beautiful shots of the bridge itself, Brooklyn and of course, the Manhattan skyline. I can't say for always, but we were surprised at how uncrowded the bridge was when we crossed it in early February. Think of all the  love, laughter, tears that have been witnessed by Brooklyn Bridge and try to capture all those stories in your photograph.

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Top of the Rock 

Rockefeller Center's Top of the Rock observatory offers a 360 degree unparalleled view of the city. It costs about $40 to go up, but the views are so worth it, and you will be able to see gorgeous views of Central Park to the North, and an unbeatable view of the Empire State Building, arguably New York's most iconic landmark, to the South. I've been up a few times, but try to get tickets for early morning or early evening, and capture New York with that golden hour glow.

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Central Park 

When the weather is fine, a stroll through some of Central Park can be a wonderful way to wind down and escape the madness that is New York City.  Whilst the park is home to a multitude of photo ops, one of my favourites is Bethesda Terrace; make the most of the archways, the fountain, the tiled ceilings. I wrote a post not so long ago on my travel blogging photography tips, where I talked about perspective, have a read before your trip for some ideas!

Grand Central Terminal 

If there's one place to catch the hustle and bustle of New York, it would have to be Grand Central. The main concourse of the station reminds me of a cathedral and has a beautiful celestial ceiling showing the zodiac. Walk on over to the balcony overlooking the main concourse to get the perfect photo of the commuters below, or pose next to the famous "meet me by the clock!" opalescent clock in the centre!

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Steps of the Met

A trip to New York wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most beautiful museums I have ever had the pleasure of exploring.  Gossip Girl fans will be familiar with Blair's favourite spot to eat lunch and gossip with her minions, but the steps of the Met are also a great place to grab a photo of the gorgeous architecture of the museum, whether you love Gossip Girl or otherwise.

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Best Instagram Spots in New York

The High Line 

See New York City in a new way by visiting the High Line; what used to be an elevated railway line has now been transformed in to a public park. With it's mix of industrial architecture, nature, art and design, you will find plenty to photograph along this 1 and a half mile footpath. I visited in Winter so the flowers and trees were quite bare, but I'd love to visit in Spring or Summer, I bet it's even more gorgeous!

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Best Instagram Spots in New York

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Greenwich Village 

Rather than just choosing one specific location, I feel like you can capture so much character in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood.  It is one of my favourite areas in the city, the buildings remind me of the TV shows and films set in New York that I watched as a kid. Two of my favourite streets for photos are Bleecker Street and Grove Street! There are also really good food options in Greenwich Village so you can get your foodie snaps there as well!

Best Instagram Spots in New York

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Washington Square Park 

I know I just said I wasn't choosing a specific location in Greenwich Village, but I am going to give Washington Square Park a mention! From the locals playing chess to the musicians serenading the tourists, the park is a lovely place to stop and relax for a short while. The park's landmark arch looks like a miniature Arc de Triomphe, perfect for adding a little Parisian vibe to your New York Instagram posts!

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Statue of Liberty 

I don't think I've ever visited New York and not taken the ferry over to Liberty Island to see the iconic statue; it really is a part of the city that cannot be missed. For your photograph, I would recommend taking a picture from the ferry, as when you are on Liberty Island itself, trying to get the whole Statue of Liberty in the photo at a decent angle, is not the easiest! Whilst you are on the island, you can get a beautiful shot of the Manhattan skyline.
Top Tip! The Staten Island Ferry is free to ride, and you can get a decent photo from here too! 

Best Instagram Spots in New York

Manhattan Bridge

Last but certainly not least, we have another of New York's stunning pieces of architecture, Manhattan Bridge.  My favourite spot to take a photo of the bridge is on Washington Street in DUMBO. Get the perfect angle and you will snap the Empire State Building through the middle of the bridge too! This is a popular spot for tourists and photographers, so get there early for a quieter shot.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on where to capture your New York City memories! 

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