We decided to head to Oxford for the day last weekend to shop for wedding outfits and do a little sight seeing and when we were there, we discovered that at the top of the Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre is their Roof Top Garden Terrace.  Here we found plenty of choices for a cocktail, light bite or three course meal. After much deliberation, we decided comfort food was best and headed to The Breakfast Club.  And in typical blogger and foodie fashion, I thought I'd get a blog post out of it!

The Breakfast Club Oxford


No matter where you go to eat, the first thing you will notice is the decor and the ambience. We arrived mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and despite the hustle and bustle of full tables and a loud 80s playlist, my first impressions were that The Breakfast Club was laidback and unassuming. The American-inspired, mismatched retro interior somehow worked without trying too hard. And I loved how the wood panelling over the kitchen was lined with photos of Oxford in days gone by, adding a more personal touch. I love a restaurant where there is no pressure and you can just chill and enjoy some good food, and with it's relaxed atmosphere, The Breakfast Club seemed like the perfect place for this.

The Breakfast Club Oxford

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The Breakfast Club Oxford


As the restaurant buzzed with lively conversation, we were unsure how quickly we would be able to get a table, but the guy on front of house was quick to work out a little rearrangement and we were seated comfortably within minutes.  Being one of the first sunny days of Spring, the restaurant was understandably quite busy, but the staff were calm, bubbly and attentive.  Our drinks were delivered to our table quickly, closely followed by our food.  Our waiter was enthusiastic and friendly, without the awkward try-hard banter or constant "Is everything alright over here?" check-ups. He knew exactly when to pop over and see if we needed anything, without being too intrusive to our conversation.  I prefer a less is more approach when it comes to service in restaurants, and because of this I was happy to pay the 12.5% gratuity that had been added to our bill.  

The Breakfast Club Oxford

Food & Drink

Now let's get on to the real deal, the food and drink! Being the gin lovers we are, Mum and I opted for a Peach Collins; Tanqueray gin mixed with lemon, sugar, peach and soda.  Delightfully refreshing and easy to drink, I'll be attempting to recreate this cocktail in my garden this summer! The cocktails were £7.00 each which seemed a little steep, but to be fair the glass was a pretty decent size and lasted me the whole meal.

The Breakfast Club Oxford

Whilst I struggled to choose between all the mouthwatering options, my Mum suggested we order 2 dishes and split them.  We had seen plates being served and the portions looked pretty big; you ever have that thing where you are full of one food, but you have room for something else? I'm that person. I love sharing food, which I know some people are so against, but you get to try more flavours without spending more money, it's a dream! We chose to have the Mr Big Chicken wrap (also available as a sandwich) and the Reuben Grilled Cheese.  Dad went for the Philly Cheese Burger with added bacon, which he said was delicious.  Our dishes arrived piping hot, and presented in a simple yet appealing fashion. Each one came with a side of fries, which were perfectly crispy and coated in a light seasoning.


The Breakfast Club Oxford

Let me get on to our Reuben Grilled Cheese first; a few years back, if you'd suggested sauerkraut, salt beef and pickles to me, I would have been horrified. But as I've got older and my taste buds have changed, I've learnt to love some of the foods I previously hated.  Whilst the combination of flavours (cheese and Reuben sauce along with the aforementioned) in the sandwich was quite strong and a little tangy, it was not overpowering and tasted just as good as your typical New York deli sandwich!

I LOVE buttermilk fried chicken, whether it's on a waffle, in a burger or just on it's own, so I guess it's no surprise that we ended up going for The Breakfast Club's Mr Big Chicken wrap. Loaded with guacamole, cheese, lettuce, sweet potato fries, and a beautiful mix of piri piri and mustard, the wrap was divine! I thought the idea of sweet potato fries inside the wrap was going to be an odd addition, especially as the wrap is served with regular fries on the side, but it was a welcome extra to a really delicious meal. This sort of food is my ideal comfort food, and I couldn't recommend it more if you want a meal that is great value with amazing flavour.

The Breakfast Club Oxford

Topped with spring onion and with a perfect pasta to cheese ratio, a £3.00 side of Mac and Cheese made the perfect accompaniment to our meal!

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Our food at The Breakfast Club was just the fuel we needed after a busy morning of sightseeing and shopping. With gratuity, our bill came to £20.00 per person, which we thought was very reasonable for the generous portion sizes, delicious food and great service.

Let me know if you visit The Breakfast Club! I hope to pop back soon for a stack of pancakes and some Disco Fries, maybe even a little visit through the Smeg fridge to the secret bar for a cocktail or three...

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