On a recent visit to Bicester Village, I popped in to the Rituals boutique and picked up their Fleurs de l'Himalaya eau de parfum. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on this new addition to my perfume collection.

Rituals Fleurs de l’Himalaya Review


I thought I'd start with the packaging first, purely as this was the reason I was initially drawn in to purchasing! The glass rectangular bottle has a hint of pink, and is finished with a small golden plaque printed with the name and a light wooden cap engraved with the Rituals text. The bottle feels so light and feminine and I absolutely love the understated yet chic design! This perfume is definitely one to display on your dresser, but would also make the perfect gift for your loved one as it is presented in a gorgeous cylinder box, printed with a black, gold and pink design.


Inspired by the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayan Mountains, the top notes of the Rituals Fleurs de l'Himalaya eau de parfum are Wild Orchid, Himalayan Peony and Cotton Musk. The delicate mix of peony and orchid give the fragrance it's sweet, fresh and floral scent, whilst the cotton musk keeps it subtle. I'm taken to a field of flowers when I wear this, on a warm summers day with a light breeze in the air...sounds dreamy, right?

Rituals Fleurs de l’Himalaya Review

On first contact with my skin, the perfume has a little splash of spice, almost a hint of nutmeg (though I could easily be mistaken!), which adds to the soft oriental aesthetic and gives the fragrance a warm, sensual undertone. The perfume can be a little intense at first, but it has a freshness that lingers on the skin.

I love how fragrance develops differently on each person, depending on the pH levels of your skin, and whilst the Rituals Fleurs de l'Himalaya is predominantly floral, on me I get a slight sweetness of peach which makes me feel energised for the day ahead, and a hint of patchouli, perfect for complimenting the floral notes. I could see myself wearing this year round, but I think it is more suited as a summer time fragrance and I've loved wearing it in these recent warmer weeks.


I spritz a little on my wrists, on my neck and dab a little behind my ears. Whilst the perfume does start off quite intense, it fades throughout the day, leaving just a very subtle floral musk to the skin. If I am wearing this in the daytime and heading out of an evening, I do find I have to give myself a little top-up!

Rituals Fleurs de l’Himalaya Review


The Rituals Fleurs de l'Himalaya eau de parfum retails at £39.90 for 50ml, which I think is excellent for an eau de parfum, especially as I have purchased high end eau de toilettes at similar prices. In comparison, it is considerably less expensive than one of my favourites, Givenchy L'Interdit which retails at £69.00 for 50ml. As I purchased the Rituals perfume on a visit to Bicester Village, I picked this up for a bargain £27.30!

Final Thoughts

For me, this is the perfect day time fragrance; sophisticated and invigorating but still young and flirty; warm and sensual but still fresh. It is the type of fragrance you could wear out for brunch with friends, or a picnic in the park on a warm summers day, or even a day date with your new lover! Whilst the longevity is not the greatest, I love this fragrance and I will definitely be re-purchasing (I've just run out if you can't tell from the photographs!).

Rituals Fleurs de l’Himalaya Review

Wandering through the store, I won't lie, I wasn't even going to bother trying the tester when I first saw the perfume. Floral fragrances are sometimes a little overbearing for me, but after being lured in by the packaging, I tested this and fell in love with it's gorgeous blend of freshness and warmth.

If you're visiting Bicester Village, I wholeheartedly recommend popping in to the Rituals boutique. It is a delight for the senses and the discount is a more than welcome bonus! I can't wait to visit again soon and treat myself to some of their body care!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review! You can purchase Rituals Fleurs de l'Himalaya eau de parfum here! 

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