Bali Body Gradual Tan Review

Disclaimer: product was gifted for review x

At this time of year, as summer is about to end and us UK folk wave goodbye to the last of the sunshine, I love to use a product that makes me look like I still have that summer glow and helps me hang on to the last of my holiday tan.  When the team over at Bali Body offered for me to try out their new Gradual Tan, I jumped at the chance. Having tried and loved other products in their self tan range, I was keen to see if their Gradual Tan lotion would work for me. Keep reading to hear my thoughts…


There's no denying a lot of us judge a book by its cover when it comes to new beauty products. The packaging of the Bali Body Gradual Tan is quite simple and chic, in line with the other items in their self tan range. It has a white matte tube with black text, and a pale peachy-pink cap. It is a squeeze bottle, as opposed to one with a pump. Whilst I like this as it is easier to control the amount of product you use, you would need to be careful if taking this away with you in your suitcase, as too much pressure on the bottle could force the lid of the cap to come loose!

The Details

For £21.95 (plus free shipping!), you receive 200ml of product. This is slightly higher in price compared to some competitors, but as with all Bali Body products I have tried, you pay for good quality.  I am pleased to advise that the Gradual Tan lotion is both vegan and cruelty free!

Skincare Benefits

You know I love my skincare and so I wanted to let you know the amazing skincare benefits in Bali Body's Gradual Tan.
  • Coconut Oil is a holy grail ingredient for beauty lovers everywhere! It improves skin elasticity, keeps your skin hydrated, supports collagen production and is packed full of antioxidants such as Vitamins E and A to help repair and restore the skin. 
  • Cacao Seed Butter is a natural source of antioxidants and saturated fatty acids and is so beneficial for helping to heal and nourish dry skin. It creates a barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss and is perfect for replenishing the skin's moisture as it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue! This amazing ingredient also has ant-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 
  • Sweet Almond Oil protects your skin and improves the tone and texture, helping it look soft and smooth! The fatty acids help to retain moisture and soothe any irritated areas. 
  • Grape Seed Oil helps to brighten the skin and make you glow! 
  • Coffee Seed Extract is packed full of antioxidants that help to tone and firm the skin!
  • Aloe Vera is a dream for treating dry skin and is a staple in my skincare collection! 

Bali Body Gradual Tan Review

I love how Bali Body's self tan range is packed full of gorgeous ingredients to keep your skin looking beautiful!


I won't lie, my first try at using the Gradual Tan, I applied way too much at once and had so much excess product. So my first tip would be to start with just a little amount, massage in to the skin, and if you need to add a little more, you can!

My first impression of the lotion was that the scent was so refreshing. It reminded me a lot of the Vaseline Cucumber and Aloe Body Lotion that I used in my late teens! We all hate that fake tan smell and I am thrilled to say Bali Body's Gradual Tan smells lovely!

The lightweight formula easily glides across your skin and doesn't soak in too quickly; I hate when your skin absorbs a product so fast that you can't remember where you applied it! Once you have finished massaging the lotion in to your skin, ensuring all areas desired are covered, wait just a few minutes before getting dressed.  This will ensure that the product can work it's magic and won't be moved by any items of clothing!

Tip! Remember to wash your hands after applying! 

Developing Time

Other gradual tanners I have used, I've ended up doing the "I think I can see a difference now?" test after several days of repeat application, but with the Bali Body Gradual Tan, I saw a difference in the complexion and texture of my skin within several hours.

Whether you apply in the morning or at night before bed, you don't need to worry about the product transferring on to clothes or sheets! I even wore a white linen dress after applying one day and was so pleased to see zero marks on my dress!

For the purpose of this review, I used the product on my face as well as my body and tried to take my before and after photos in the same clothing and lighting, just a few days apart! 

Bali Body Gradual Tan Review


When it comes to fake tan, I am more of a mousse fan (you can read my review of Bali Body's tanning mousse here!) and I always worry with lotion that I will end up looking like a tiger. After using the Bali Body Gradual Tan several times now, I feel confident in saying that this is non-streaky!

If you are after just a light golden tan, using this just once will achieve incredible results, but if you want a deeper, longer lasting tan, you can use this every day and build your tan as much or as little as desired!

My skin has looked flawless and felt so soft after each application! I struggle with my confidence when it comes to my legs especially, but the Bali Body Gradual Tan has helped to keep my legs smooth and hydrated, whilst reducing the appearance of blotchy skin!

I was just a little worried that with the Gradual Tan working so well for me in terms of how quickly my tan developed, that exfoliating would cause me to end up with patchy areas, but it worked a dream and just looked as though I had a natural tan that had faded slightly!

Final thoughts

You can use the Bali Body Gradual Tan on your face as it is gentle enough on the skin, however I think it is the perfect product to use alongside Bali Body’s Face Tan Water (read my review here!)

I have received so many compliments on my tan since using the Bali Body Gradual Tan; most people thought it was just from being in the sun (I didn't tell them otherwise until now!) 

If you are looking for a gradual tanner that will make your skin look bronzed and flawless and feel beautifully moisturised at the same time, I’d 10/10 recommend!

Thank you so much for reading, and if you would like to purchase Bali Body's Gradual Tan, you can do so at the link below!

Have you tried any of Bali Body's self tan range? Let me know what you think! 

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