2020 Travel Bucket List
Disclaimer; I will not be taking all of these trips, because my bank balance would be very unhappy, these are just the places I’d choose if I had an unlimited budget! Post contains affiliate links x

As the rest of my 2019 calendar fills up and I realise how little time left there is for trips this year, I started thinking about where I would love to visit in 2020! So here is my 2020 Travel Bucket List...


2020 travel bucket list
British Columbia, Canada

After my time in Toronto earlier this year, I am super keen to see more of Canada. High on my bucket list is British Columbia and Alberta; both provinces have so much to offer. I'd love to eat seafood in Vancouver and stay at Emerald Lake Lodge, explore Lake Louise in Banff and get the gondola up Sulphur Mountain to see those jaw-dropping views...

Christmas Markets 

2020 travel bucket list
Bruges, Belgium

I love a Christmas market and I hope to get to one, if not two, in 2020. I've heard that Bruges is meant to be excellent at Christmas time, and I won't lie, I love the idea of a Christmas full of Belgian chocolate! I also have my eye on Amsterdam for a winter break; although I would also love to visit in Spring when the tulips are blooming!

2020 travel bucket list
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

City Breaks

I hope to explore a couple of new European cities in 2020; I will be visiting Copenhagen later this year, but I haven't been on a European city break in 2019 yet! Top of my 2020 travel bucket list at the moment are Lisbon and Budapest; two cities that seem very different but both intrigue me greatly.

2020 travel bucket list
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been a popular destination this year and my Instagram feed has been adorned with photos of Azulejo tiles and Tram 28; I would love to go and see them for myself (whilst tucking in to Pastel de Nata of course!)

2020 travel bucket list
Budapest, Hungary

I'm drawn to Budapest by the gorgeous architecture I have seen popping up on Pinterest. It had previously never been a city that had interested me, but after browsing through several "Things to do in Budapest" articles and blog posts, it's now high up there on my bucket list of places to see in 2020!

Southeast Asia Tour 

2020 travel bucket list

What I would probably consider as top of my 2020 travel bucket list is a tour of Southeast Asia. After researching on G Adventures and of course, good old Pinterest, I know I want to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar. I've never been to this part of the world and I would love to spend a few months here learning about different cultures and discovering new travel experiences.

G Adventures Australia

Party Holiday 

2020 travel bucket list
Ibiza, Spain

I seem to go through phases where I am craving a proper party holiday with my besties. I've not been on one for a couple of years, and sometimes you just need sunshine, fruity cocktails by the pool and endless shots of some local spirit! I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't partied on Ibiza, so the Balearic island is my first choice, but I would also love to go back to the adult theme park that is the Las Vegas strip!

2020 travel bucket list
Las Vegas, USA


2020 travel bucket list
Isle of Skye, Scotland

I think we often forget to explore closer to home and, despite it's issues, the UK has some beautiful places. I'd love to squeeze in a couple of UK trips next year; top of my UK 2020 travel bucket list is  Scotland. I've only ever visited Edinburgh, but I would love to head further north to the Isle of Skye. The landscapes look so epic and I feel as though it would be the perfect way to realign and recharge! I'd also love to spend a weekend in Manchester or take a little trip over to Belfast!

Family Holiday 

2020 travel bucket list
Venice, Italy

We haven't all had a family holiday in a different country since 2006! We tend to head down to Cornwall and spend a week there, however I would love to get my whole family to either Croatia or Italy in 2020. I have been to Italy before and I would love to show off one of my favourite countries to my parents; I just know they would love the food, the cathedrals, and the gorgeous scenery. I previously explored Italy by rail, and this was a great way to see so many places in a short space of time.

Rail Europe (Europe)

2020 travel bucket list
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ever since binge watching all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones, the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia has climbed high up the ranks on my travel bucket list. It looks so beautiful and I've heard excellent things about the Old Town, the food and of course the Game of Thrones tours. This seems to be an increasingly popular destination so flight prices have risen, but I do hope to get out there and experience Dubrovnik with my family in 2020. 

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your next adventure! Let me know where you will be headed in 2020! 

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