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Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review

One of my favourite brands, Bali Body, have just released the first product in their new cosmetics range. Known for gorgeous, glowy skin, it made perfect sense that their first release in this range would be highlighter sticks! They kindly offered to send me the product to try out - keep reading to hear my thoughts...


I am the biggest fan of simple, minimalist packaging when it comes to beauty products, and Bali Body have achieved just that. The highlighter stick comes in a small cardboard box (brownie points for being recyclable!) in a light taupe colour, whilst the product itself is in a simple clear tube with black text and finished with a light golden lid.

The Details...

As with all Bali Body products, these are also 100% vegan and cruelty free! Made in Australia, the highlighter sticks come in at £25.95 (plus free shipping!) for 4ml of product. This is definitely at the higher price point of competitors, but as I always say, I believe you pay for quality...

Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review

The Shades...

Bali Body's Highlighter Sticks come in three gorgeous, versatile shades to compliment different skintones:

  • Moonlit - a beautiful soft champagne 
  • Rose Gold - a warm rose 
  • Sunkissed - a golden bronze

When I first swatched these, I was blown away with just how stunning they are. I am always worried with highlighters that the product is going to look too glittery, but I am thrilled to say that these have the perfect amount of shimmer!

Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review


Something I truly love about the highlighter sticks is that they have a reservoir tip applicator (similar to a doe-foot applicator). This means that they have this little delve in the middle which collects more product. I love this as it collects enough of the highlight that you only have to dip the wand once before swiping it across the top of your cheekbone. The pointed tip of the wand is also a dream for applying the product on smaller areas, such as the brow bone and bridge of the nose.


The Bali Body Highlighter Sticks have a cream to matte formula, and are so easy to blend and layer. I have so far found that I prefer to blend the product with my finger tips, especially when layering the highlighter. I feel that the warmth of my fingers helps to work it in to my skin without lifting the product which I find can happen when using a beauty blender with a liquid highlight.

Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review

How To Wear...

The highlighter sticks aren't just for your cheekbones, my friends! They can be used in a multitude of ways to add dimension and glow...

  • For an enviable, golden "I've just been on holiday" glow, I use Sunkissed just under my cheekbone in place of my usual contour 
  • Create a simple yet effective eye look using all 3 shades; Sunkissed on the outer half, Rose Gold on the inner half and then Moonlit on the inner corner and brow bone to really make your eyes pop!
  • Give the illusion of full, luscious lips by applying Rose Gold to the cupid's bow. Go a step further by popping a tiny amount on the centre of your lips and blending out with your lip balm
  • Use the point of the applicator to add a little product to the bridge and tip of your nose to finish your look! 

Be sure to check out Bali Body's Instagram for all the glowy inspiration!  

Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review

My Final Thoughts...

I instantly fell in love with how the highlighter sticks gave me that summer glow that we all crave and made my dull complexion look fresh and radiant. Whether I want a soft, natural glow or a beaming, dewy highlight, I will be reaching for these!

I love the way that the light reflects off my face when I am wearing these, helping to achieve those golden goddess vibes. I was worried that the highlighter may draw attention to blemishes on my skin, but it honestly makes me feel flawless!

I really think Bali Body nailed the shades; they are universally flattering and so easy to wear and I'm so excited to see what else they have up their sleeves for their cosmetics range!

Bali Body Highlighter Stick Review

I adore the highlighter sticks and I know these will be a makeup bag staple for months to come.

If you would like to purchase any of the three shades, head to Bali Body's website here

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