Welcome to my little corner of the internet! 

I'm Naomi, a 20-something from Bucks, UK and I'm a travel and beauty blogger.

Oh Six Eleven started as a way for me to document my travels and share my favourite beauty products. I'd always loved writing and I hit publish on my first post on Oh Six Eleven in 2017. What started as an evening escape and a creative outlet from my 9 to 5 now plays a huge part in my life and career.

On Oh Six Eleven, you will find everything from travel guides to beauty and skincare reviews to photo diaries and more. As an online content creator, I provide an honest opinion for girls like me who aspire to see the world but also want to look flawless on the go!

A little more about me...

Lover of country music and piƱa colada's, a total ambivert, obsessed with skincare, always thinking about the next city break but happiest by the sea, loves gossiping over a cheese board and a bottle of wine, and self-proclaimed Queen of personal development.

I can still recall my first luxury beauty purchase as a teenager - a Chanel foundation - which I was of course so excited for, and years later I still get that same excitement when I purchase a new makeup product to try!

Travel has always been one of my biggest passions.  I have the biggest bucket list of places to see, and I am fortunate to work in the travel industry, making crossing these places off the list that little bit easier!

Working online...

My love for working online started as a teenager whilst still at school, when I would buy and resell clothes on eBay to make money for holidays and (you guessed it!) make-up! I quit school at 17 and set off in to the world of work, but always dreamt of starting a business online.

My family and friends encouraged me to start a blog, knowing I loved to write and that I had something I was passionate about. I worked in customer services for a clothing brand and my blog was just my creative hobby in the evenings, a distraction from the complaints I dealt with in the day. About a year in, I started to monetise it - sponsored posts, affiliate links, brand collaborations - and by January '19, I had dropped my days at my 9 to 5 and my blog had become the online business I'd always wanted.

During Summer '19 I came across another opportunity online, to become an independent travel agent. After researching for months about whether I could do this alongside my blog, I realised I had nothing to lose, completed my training in October '19 and started my exciting new venture.

I waved goodbye to my 9 to 5 in February '20, and now I work solely online, as a blogger, independent travel agent and online business owner. I'm passionate about helping others realise that there's more to life than working a 9 to 5 until you retire, and that it is possible to live life on your own terms, working from wherever if you wish to.

If you're interested in hearing more of my story or finding out about the work I do online, please drop me a message on Instagram and let's chat! I'm always looking to connect with like-minded people and I love a good natter!

Thank you for stopping by!